a 1981-film with the most hilarious special effects. i saw a piece of the end, and it was so awesome haha! screenshot time!

for no reason there is coming a big ass watermonster out of the water!

(close up to see how fugly the big ass watermonster is)

OH NO! the big ass watermonster is going to eat the pretty girl!

but than, suddenly a prince-looking guy is coming on his flying white horse to the resque!

he has got a glow-in-the-dark-eye snake woman head! and points it towards the big ass watermonster and turns it into stone! i had a screenshot of that spectacular moment! but i lost it somewhere, hmpf, BUT the big ass water monster is dead, stony, but dead!

just an iron owl

everybody admires the white flying horse, because he helped the prince-looking guy

the pretty girl and the prince-looking guy are watching at the stars together, and they see -what an accidence- a horse with wings!

or not, maybe i just didn't understand the movie. but it was great! i like fantasy